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One Rangers

Rangers is more than a football club. Rangers is an institution. Rangers is a sport beting family which spans the globe and whose supporters are more loyal and passionate than those any other club can boast.

Rangers’ 144 year history has been exhilarating and proud – filled with unparalleled success but also moments of despair. Throughout it all, the supporters have remained true and are the reason the Club continues to prosper and can now take back its rightful place in Scottish Football’s top flight.

Club 1872 is a cause with one clear and common purpose for all those who hold Rangers dear – to rebuild, maintain and protect the club that supporters across the world love.

Club 1872 exists to ensure Rangers supporters will never again be forced to endure the events which saw our club demoted to the bottom tier of Scottish football. More than that, we want the Rangers supporters to play a central role in once again making Rangers a sports betting proud name in both domestic and European football.

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Our Philosophy

We are an independent body of supporters who are committed to ensuring that the fans are placed at the very centre of everything Rangers Football Club does.

A central aim of Club 1872 is to increase the collective supporter shareholding in Rangers International Football Club PLC to a minimum of 25%. This will ensure no major sport bet tz decisions about Rangers can be taken without agreement from Rangers supporters.

In addition, we want Rangers supporters to have a say in how they use their money to rebuild the club. This will come in the form of Club 1872 projects which will allow supporters to decide what their priorities are for investment into Rangers.

We hold community at the heart of our philosophy. We will provide Rangers fans with a forum in which they can engage with like minded fans, debate areas of interest and concern, and moreover, to feel more connected than ever to our club. This community will also ensure Rangers supporters’ reputation and interests are promoted, defended and upheld in the media and across all other communication channels.

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